lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Games for Health Europe 2012 en directo

Hoy, día 5 de noviembre, empieza en Amsterdam la conferencia Games for Health Europe 2012. Con una duración de dos días, el evento está compuesto de interesantes charlas sobre el uso de juegos para la salud.

Podemos ver en directo algunas de las charlas en esta web:

El programa completo del evento está aquí:

Por Internet sólo se retransmitirán algunas de las charlas. Esta es la agenda de lo que será la retransmisión on-line:

Day 1 – November 5th, 9.00 – 17.00h CET
Bill Crounse (Microsoft) – Connecting and Kinecting Healthcare
Huib Pols (Erasmus UMC) – Revolutions in medical education: transforming education to strengthen healthcare
John Harrison (Metis Cognition Ltd) – Fighting Alzheimer’s disease: Can gaming help cut the costs and save the patients?
Laurent Anneau (Succubus Interactive) – Social serious games|
William Valkenburg (Theo is online) – Beyond limits
Anna Sort (Health Games and apps consultant) – Designing games as a nurse
Ruslan Savitskij (Innernet AB) – Designing evidence-based games for psychological health
Erica Bowen & Matt Mawer (Coventry University) – Changing attitudes to dating violence in adolescents using a serious game
Ellis Bartholomeus (Ellis in Wonderland) – Playing around with the magic game circle
Jan Willem Huisman (IJsfontein Interactive Media B.V.) – Realization/implementation of games in healthcare
Janko Grassère (Intel Corporation) – Boredom, innovation and wellbeing; a healthy future
Live interviews with John Harrison, Ellis Bartholomeus.
Live report from the exhibition.
Day 2 – November 6th, 9.00-17.00h CET
Martin de Ronde (Vanguard Games) – The problem with serious games
Pascal Schmidt (Travian Games GmbH) – How to reach the masses
Agali Mert (Military rehab center, NL) – Body Posture: successful game for amputee and stroke patients
Richard Smithies (TruSim) – Vitalize, A home-based rehabilitation game system which uses a 3D-depth camera (Kinect) & a web-based clinician’s interface
Mike van Diest (INCAS3) – Exergaming for balance training in elderly: User requirements
Herbert Krakauer (Vita Care TMS) – Therapeutic Mition Simulation, the new movement in care
Ben Krose (Amsterdam University of Applied Science) – Internal representations of movements for exergames
Jacqueline Cawston (The Serious Games Insititute, Coventry University) – Snap – a spoonful of sugar! – A look at the past, present and future of games for health
Joep de Groot (CbusineZ) – How to finance a serious game in healthcare
Daniel Dardani (MIT / Technology Licensing Office) – Technology transfer of health games – Somce licensing issues
Live interviews with Herbert Krakauer, Daniel Dardani.
Live report from the exhibition.


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